CAD Files and Compatibility

February 16, 2016

How Compatible Are CAD Files from BricsCAD?

When sharing CAD files between any two systems, compatibility is a key issue. When you’re adding or replacing an existing CAD system, you need to make sure that your engineering data is properly represented in both systems. Your drawings need to look the same on screen, and on paper. Just as important is the information that you can’t always see – property metadata that are stored in the DWG file.

If I begin a drawing in AutoCAD®, and then open it in BricsCAD®, will all of my content be intact? What about a drawing that I start from scratch in BricsCAD and then open in AutoCAD? If I edit an AutoCAD drawing in BricsCAD, save it, and re-open it in AutoCAD, what will I see? Will the changes that I made in BricsCAD affect the way my drawing looks in AutoCAD? Or vice-versa?BricsCAD-regular.png

Chapter Three of the Ralph Grabowski eBook, “BricsCAD for AutoCAD Users”, is aptly titled “Compatibility of Drawing Elements”. After you download your free copy of the eBook, flip to Page 61. Here’s you’ll find an exhaustive, honest analysis of how “DWG 2013-2016” CAD files are handled by BricsCAD. In previous blog posts – here and here – we’ve talked about the Open Design Alliance and Teigha®. The Teigha software development platform is the key to BricsCAD’s DWG compatibility. We think that you’ll be amazed with the level of compatibility that BricsCAD achieves when it reads and writes CAD files – from Release 12 through today’s Release 2013-6 drawing file format.

Here at, we work daily with BricsCAD and AutoCAD customers. They tell us that their initial skepticism around BricsCAD’s capabilities melts away very quickly once they actually start their evaluation process. You can read all you like about BricsCAD – and there’s a lot of BricsCAD-related material here on – but you won’t really experience the power of the product until you start using it.

We make that easy with two key resources: the Ralph Grabowski eBook, “BricsCAD for AutoCAD Users” (the topic of this ‘book report’), and a free, no-pressure 30-day evaluation copy of BricsCAD V16 Platinum. Think that you don’t have time to properly evaluate the software? Check out our 3-minute trial installation video.

If you’re an engineer, an architect, a designer or a manufacturer – CAD tools are a big part of your day. We offer intelligent, value-priced software that will help you capture and share your ideas without breaking the bank. What are you waiting for? Try BricsCAD today!


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