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“We Connect Buyers to Top Suppliers.”

Companies and users are looking for information that helps them make better purchasing decisions. Marketers are looking for more effective and measurable ways to drive brand awareness and sales. CAD/CAM Reviews integrates content and commerce into a powerful platform that makes complex buying decisions easier for customers while delivering exceptional performance to our advertisers.

The founding of CAD/CAM Reviews.

Built from the ground up after a decade of working with manufacturing and construction clients who were looking for more than CAD/CAM software to fill the gaps of their entire workflow process, Ken Wilson decided to connect his clients to other top suppliers providing (3D printers, CNC machines, data management and ERP software, scanning/reverse engineering, contract help, job placement, training and more) .  In 2012, CAD/CAM Connect was born.

Ken set himself apart from the pack by listening & advising clients on better workflows and solving problems vs. just selling software.  His reputation as an industry expert grew along with his client base earning him top honors and respect from his peers.

Ken also noticed the software market was confusing and disjointed which made it time consuming and difficult for business owners to find the right solution for their needs.  Companies were still buying technology the same old way—that is, with limited access to the opinions of other real users.  In 2015, CAD/CAM Reviews was launched.

With his industry knowledge and connections to top suppliers and subject matter experts around the country, Ken built these online sites that operate like a Match.com and Consumer Reports; ultimately helping people and businesses make better decisions.

The sites are designed with the user in mind, making it easy and hassle-free by giving them a choice to either do a quick product search, watch a brief video, request a quote or a customized demo and even call in to get expert, unbiased advice.  With reviews, recommendations, best practice articles, breaking news stories and deals, all in one place.

It allows knowledgeable experts, including real users and independent consultants, to share their expertise with a community of decision makers.

As a result, the community thrives as a valuable resource, ensuring that technology professionals get access to the right information and connect to the right people—on any topic, at any time.

What makes this site different?

It’s a time saver. There’s no need for you to scour a bunch of websites trying to find what you need anymore.  Let our team do the heavy lifting for you to narrow down your choices.

Less hassle. We can help facilitate demos and price quotes.

Have more confidence. Not only do you have access to real reviews from real users on just about every topic available, but at anytime you have FREE access to our network of experts for unbiased advice.

Get the best price.  We spend hours online searching for special offers as well calling the suppliers directly to help you get the best deal —  Check them out here on our “DEALS” page.

Our mission is to serve the needs of the manufacturing and construction communities.  We come from the industry, understand it and want to help direct you to the right people and right products for the job.

See why we are the hardest working team in CAD/CAM.

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