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Cisco Network Simulator Images

NetSim 8.0 Screenshots

NetSim 8.0 is an application that allows you to practice tasks that are performed by using the Cisco command line interface (CLI) without the need to purchase the equipment.

NetSim 8.0 includes multiple features, shown below on this page, that will enable you to make the most of your study time.

Please download a demo version of NetSim 8.0 and evaluate the software at your convenience.

Telnet Mode

Telnet Mode

Accessing device consoles via Telnet mode allows you to view more than one device console at a time. This feature allows you to move Telnet session windows onto a second monitor so that you can optimize your desktop real estate.

One benefit of this feature is that you can view changes that affect neighboring devices as they occur. For example, when you issue commands that bring an interface UP/UP in the active Telnet session and that affect a neighbor interface, you can watch the neighbor interface change state to UP/UP if configured correctly.

Console Mode

Console Mode

Console mode allows you to quickly navigate between devices without using stacked windows. You can view the consoles of previously accessed devices by using the tabs provided for each device. The lab document is displayed at the top of the screen and does not become hidden when you change between device consoles. Additionally, you can view the lab document in a separate window by clicking Lab Text > Launch External Viewer.

Network Topology

Network Navigation Using the
NetMap Tab

You can quickly view and access the devices used in the labs from the NetMap tab. Additionally, you can display the active connections, the connection types, and the device model. You can also right-click on a device in the topology to access the console of the selected device.

Lab Compiler

Lab Compiler

You can create custom labs with NetSim 8.0 for personal use or to share with other NetSim 8.0 users. The Lab Compiler allows you to combine a custom topology, lab documentation, loading configurations and grading configurations into a single file that can be exported.

For more information about this process, read more about the NetSim 8.0 Lab Compiler. (PDF)

Network Designer

Network Designer

You can design your own simulated network topologies by using the Network Designer. The Network Designer is accessed by clicking Navigation on the NetMap tab. You can then add up to 200 devices to your simulated network.

Please read the NetSim 8.0 User Manual for more information.

SDM Simulation

Security Device Manager (SDM)

The Cisco SDM is used in several of the NetSim 8.0 supplemental labs. However, SDM cannot be configured for custom labs. More information about SDM is available from Cisco.com.

Search Labs

NetSim 8.0 Search Feature

You can view all available NetSim 8.0 labs, search for labs using keywords or search for a specific curriculum. The search feature looks at the lab name and description and returns labs that match your search criteria.