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ISE Training

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ISE Training

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ISE Essentials Training

ISE Training

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ISE Essentials is a five-day instructor-led course designed to provide the essential skills required to successfully implement, configure and troubleshoot an Identity Services Engine (ISE) deployment. Students gain valuable experience installing and configuring ISE to provide Guest services, profiling services and configuring network devices in support of the ISE solution.

What's Included

  • Comprehensive study materials, including official Cisco courseware
  • Remote lab access

Boson Training Class Guarantee

All of our Cisco and Microsoft courses come with our Boson Training Class Guarantee, which means if you don't pass, you can attend the class again for no charge. Learn more.

ISE Essentials Training Prerequisites

Students who do not have experience with 802.1X will have access before class to our online learning portal, complete with over 8 hours of e-learning on 802.1x. It is advisable that this is viewed prior to class.

ISE Essentials Training Course Outline

Module 1: Understanding Identity Services Engine

Description: Getting familiar with what is under the hood in ISE, new terminology and what problems ISE addresses
  • Lesson 1: Why ISE?
  • Lesson 2: Internal Components of the Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE)?
  • Lesson 3: ISE terminology
  • Lesson 4: ISE platforms

Module2: Preparing the network for Cisco Identity Services Engine

Description: Review and configure the supported network devices for ISE
  • Lesson 1: Review the list of supported devices, code version and feature list.
  • Lesson 2: Review ISE authentication policy
  • Lesson 3: Basic Switch configuration for ISE Interoperability

Module 3: 802.1X Foundation

Description: Review the 802.1X switch configuration requirements for ISE
  • Lesson 1: Why MAB and 802.1X with ISE?
  • Lesson 2: Understanding authentication and authorization with 802.1X and MAB.

Module 4: Installing Identity Services Engine

Description: Review the necessary steps to install ISE and integrate ISE to the Active Directory domain
  • Lesson 1: Bootstrapping (Setup), understand the requirements
  • Lesson 2: Supported external identity stores
  • Lesson 3: Integrating ISE to the Microsoft Active Directory domain

Module 5: Adding Network Devices and Groups and Classifications

Description: Review the local identity stores for users and devices as well as system attributes
  • Lesson 1: Understand Network Devices
  • Lesson 2: Understand Network Device Groups and the hierarchy structure
  • Lesson 3: Using System Dictionary attributes

Module 6: Enabling ISE Profiling

Description: Enable ISE profiling probes to gather endpoint information and classification
  • Lesson 1: Enabling the profiling service on ISE
  • Lesson 2: Configuring the profiling probes
  • Lesson 3:Creating static endpoints and endpoint classification
  • Lesson 4: Creating authorization rules for profiled endpoints

Module 7: Providing Guest Access Description: Most organizations provide access to guests

Description: Control guest access by enforcing policy
  • Lesson 1: Configuring WebAuth
  • Lesson 2: Configuring Sponsor portal
  • Lesson 3: Create Sponsor group and apply corresponding policies
  • Lesson 4: Configuring the guest portal and self service portal
  • Lesson 5: Configuring guest authorization policies

Module 8: ISE in a Wireless Network

Description: Understand how to deploy ISE in a Wireless environment
  • Lesson 1: The role of ISE in a wireless environment
  • Lesson 2: Differentiating guests and employees
  • Lesson 3: The communication flow between the WLC and ISE

Module 9: ISE Administrative tasks

Description: Understand the different administrative tasks required in order to manage an ISE Solution
  • Lesson 1: Understanding RBAC
  • Lesson 2: ISE Backups and restores
  • Lesson 3: Alerts and notifications

Module 10: ISE Monitoring and reporting

Description: Review logs for troublesthooting and reporting
  • Lesson 1: Review the logging and reporting capabilities in ISE

ISE Essentials Labs

  • Lab 1: Review the network devices configuration
  • Lab 2: Configure switch for ISE Operation
  • Lab 3: Configuring MAB and 802.1X on a switch
  • Lab 4: Installing ISE
  • Lab 5: Joining Integrating ISE to AD
  • Lab 6: Creating network device groups
  • Lab 7: Adding the network devices and verify NAD to ISE Communications
  • Lab 8: Review switch configuration for 802.1X and MAB
  • Lab 9: Enable ISE profiling probes
  • Lab 10: Configure network devices for ISE profiling
  • Lab 11: Configuring authorization and authentication policies for profiled endpoints
  • Lab 12: Configure Switch and ISE for WebAuth
  • Lab 13: Configure sponsor portal
  • Lab 14: Create sponsor groups
  • Lab 15: Configure guest and self service portals
  • Lab 16: Configure guest authorization policies
  • Lab 17: Configuring ISE for wireless access
  • Lab 18: Configure the WLC
  • Lab 19: Configuring the authorization policies
  • Lab 20: IPAD/Android
  • Lab 21: Performing backup of ISE
  • Lab 22: Configuring RBAC, including menu and data policies
  • Lab 23: Configuring alerts
  • Lab 24: Performing restore of ISE
  • Lab 25: Run reports and review logs

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