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December 16 - 20, 201910:00 AM - 06:00 PM UTC-05Live Online*3995.00QuoteRegister
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DCFSA Training

In this five-day DCFSA FlexPod for Data Center Systems Administration course, the student will become experienced with the planning, design and implementation of a FlexPod integrated platform that includes NetApp unified storage systems, Cisco Unified Computing System servers, Cisco Nexus fabric and VMware vSphere virtualization platform.

Using real-world scenarios and examples, this course will explore all of the components of the FlexPod system and guide the student through the installation, management and troubleshooting of the platform as a whole, as well as all of the individual Cisco, NetApp and VMware components.

What's Included

  • Comprehensive study materials, including official Cisco courseware.


  • Basic knowledge of Cisco routing and switching
  • Basic knowledge of servers and storage
  • Familiarity with basic VMware virtualization concepts

Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction to the FlexPod Architecture

  • Lesson 1: Overview of the FlexPod Platform Architecture
  • Lesson 2: FlexPod Design Considerations

Module 2: Cisco Nexus 5000 Series Switches

  • Lesson 1: Introducing the Cisco Nexus 5000-Series Switches
  • Lesson 2: High-Level Cisco Nexus 5000 Series Product Features
  • Lesson 3: Cisco Nexus 5000-Series Switch Hardware Architecture
  • Lesson 4: Configuring Basic Integration with FlexPod Platform

Module 3: Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS)

  • Lesson 1: Cisco UCS Architecture Overview
  • Lesson 2: Implementing Cisco UCS B-Series LAN Connectivity
  • Lesson 3: Implementing Cisco UCS B-Series SAN Connectivity
  • Lesson 4: Provisioning Resource Pools in the Cisco UCS Manager
  • Lesson 5: Provisioning Service Policies in the Cisco UCS Manager

Module 4: Virtual Networking

  • Lesson 1: VMware Virtual Switching Overview
  • Lesson 2: Reviewing the Cisco Nexus 1000v-Series Switch
  • Lesson 3: Configuring and Administering the Virtual Supervisor and Virtual Ethernet Modules

Module 5: NetApp Storage Appliance

  • Lesson 1: Discuss the Benefits of Data ONTAP Version 8.x and Explain Its Two Modes of Operation
  • Lesson 2: Describe the Steps for Setting Up a Basic Cluster Configuration
  • Lesson 3: Introducing SAN and NAS Protocols
  • Lesson 4: Administering Volumes, LUNs and Initiator Groups
  • Lesson 5: Review and Discussion of Advanced Features in Data ONTAP

Module 6: Management and Monitoring of the FlexPod Platform

  • Lesson 1: Configuring Cisco Nexus 5000-Series Management Features
  • Lesson 2: Configuring Cisco Nexus 1000v-Series Management Features
  • Lesson 3: Managing and Upgrading Cisco UCS B-Series Firmware
  • Lesson 4: Implementing Backup, Import and Restore of the Cisco UCS Manager Database
  • Lesson 5: Monitoring, Backing Up and Restoring of the NetApp Storage Appliance
  • Lesson 6: Implementing Cisco UCS Director to Manage FlexPod Operations

Module 7: Troubleshooting the FlexPod Platform

  • Lesson 1: Cisco Nexus 5000 Series Troubleshooting Tools
  • Lesson 2: Troubleshooting the Cisco UCS B-Series Configuration
  • Lesson 3: Basic Cisco Nexus 1000v Troubleshooting Tools
  • Lesson 4: Basic NetApp Troubleshooting Tools


  • Lab 1: Connecting to the Lab Environment
  • Lab 2: Familiarization with the FlexPod GUI and CLI Interfaces
  • Lab 3: Cisco Nexus 5000 Hardware Platform and System Management
  • Lab 4: Verify B-Series LAN and SAN Physical Connections
  • Lab 5: Provision Identity and Resource Pools in UCS
  • Lab 6: Provision Mobile Service Profiles and Install VMware ESXi
  • Lab 7: Configuring and Administering the Cisco Nexus 1000v VSM
  • Lab 8: Configuring and Administering the Cisco Nexus 1000v VEM
  • Lab 9: Base Configuration of NetApp Cluster – Instructor Demo
  • Lab 10: Provisioning of NetApp LUN and Initiator Group
  • Lab 11: Back Up and Restore the Cisco UCS Manager Database
  • Lab 12: Provisioning Cisco UCS Director to Manage a FlexPod Environment
  • Lab 13: Troubleshooting Nexus, UCS and NetApp

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