Courseware for Cisco 200-105 ICND2 (Paperback)

  • Kit Components:

  • Curriculum for Cisco 200-105 ICND2 (Digital) By: Boson
  • Curriculum for Cisco 200-105 ICND2 (Paperback) By: Boson
  • Lab Guide for Cisco 200-105 ICND2 (Digital) By: Boson
  • Lab Guide for Cisco 200-105 ICND2 (Paperback) By: Boson
  • Courseware 200-105 ICND2 Lab Pack for NetSim By: Boson

Courseware for Cisco 200-105 ICND2 (Paperback)

Boson's Courseware for 200-105 ICND2 contains the information you need to know to pass Cisco’s 200-105 ICND2 exam. The Courseware for 200-105 ICND2 includes labs that can be performed with real Cisco hardware or in the Boson NetSim Network Simulator. When combined with the NetSim for Cisco CCNA and ExSim-Max for Cisco 200-105 ICND2 practice exam, the courseware provides complete training, practice and preparation for the Cisco 200-105 ICND2 certification exam. The courseware has been written by Boson’s subject-matter experts and is designed for instructor-led training (ILT) or personal use.
An active license for NetSim 11 or later for CCNA or CCNP is required to use the Courseware Lab Pack for NetSim. Compare Boson Courseware Kits that include NetSim.
Upgrade Policy for the Cisco 2020 Certification Update—Anyone who purchases Courseware for Cisco 100-105 ICND1 and Courseware for Cisco 200-105 ICND2 after June 1, 2019 will qualify for a free upgrade to the Boson Courseware for Cisco 200-301 CCNA (Digital) when it is available. Details.


  • No racks of Cisco hardware are required; when you use the Courseware for 200-105 ICND2 and NetSim for CCNA together, you save time and money.
  • Hands-on ICND2 lab exercises are included; these allow for immediate practice and also complement the currently available labs in NetSim for CCNA.
  • Detailed PowerPoint instructor’s slides are available; these correspond to the Courseware for ICND2 and offer easier preparation and instruction.
  • Objectives for the Cisco 200-105 ICND2 exam are covered within the Boson Courseware for 200-105 ICND2; this ensures that you can review the material necessary to pass the INCD2 certification exam.
  • The material is actively maintained by a team of subject-matter experts, so you are able to study the most up-to-date coverage of the Cisco 200-105 ICND2 material.
  • The Courseware for Cisco 200-105 ICND2 is available in digital format or paperback.

Javelin E-Reader

The digital edition of the Boson Courseware is delivered electronically and protected using Drumlin PDF Security. The Javelin e-reader from Drumlin is a free download. An activation key is required to unlock the Courseware product and will be provided on the purchase receipt.

Free Samples

The full version will be delivered via the free Javelin e-reader.


  • Cisco Device Management
  • Troubleshooting Networks
  • Network Addressing
  • VLANs and Trunking
  • Spanning Tree Protocol
  • Advanced Switch Redundancy
  • Access Layer Security
  • Routing Fundamentals
  • EIGRP Configuration
  • OSPF Configuration
  • PPP WANs
  • eBGP Configuration
  • Secure VPNs and Tunneling
  • Intelligent Networks
  • Quality of Service


  • Device Management
  • Network Troubleshooting
  • debug and traceroute Commands
  • NetFlow Basics
  • Network Troubleshooting with the OSI Model
  • Subnetting
  • IPv6 Configuration
  • VLANs and Trunking
  • STP and PVST+
  • Advanced Switch Redundancy
  • Hot Standby Router Protocol
  • Switch Configuration
  • Switch Security
  • Advanced Switch Security
  • Static Route and Administrative Distance Configuration
  • EIGRP Configuration
  • EIGRP Troubleshooting
  • EIGRP for IPv6 Configuration
  • OSPF Configuration
  • OSPF Troubleshooting
  • OSPFv3 Configuration
  • PPP/PAP/CHAP Configuration
  • PPP/PAP/CHAP Troubleshooting
  • eBGP Configuration
  • GRE Tunnel Configuration

Courseware Kits

Courseware Kits allow you to select the Courseware, NetSim and ExSim-Max products that you want at a discount off the retail price when sold separately.

Complete Courseware

Courseware Plus


  • Boson Curriculum
  • Lab Guide
  • NetSim Network Simulator
  • ExSim-Max Practice Exam
  • Boson Curriculum
  • Lab Guide
  • NetSim Network Simulator
  • Boson Curriculum
  • Lab Guide
200-105 ICND2 Paperback ($319) Digital ($269) Paperback ($279) Digital ($229) Paperback ($149) Digital ($99)

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