Javelin PDF Reader Enhanced Features

Boson Software uses the Javelin Secure PDF reader app for iPad to provide its customers with a secure and efficient tool for accessing Boson Courseware on the iPad. In addition to the usual iPad gestures for manipulating documents, the Javelin PDF reader app has some new features that make viewing the Boson Courseware documents easier and more efficient.


The highlighter tool makes it easy to highlight a portion of your document so you can quickly come back to it later.

Adding a Highlight

To use this tool, tap the Highlighter icon in the toolbar which is identified in red in the screenshot below. Then, tap and drag a rectangle to cover the portion of the page you wish to highlight.

Highlight CCNA curriculum

Removing a Highlight

To remove a previously placed highlight, tap and select Yes from the Delete dialog.

Remove Highlight CCNA curriculum


Notes are a way to add your own comments to a document. You can use notes as reminders to come back to for more study. You can also use notes to write down questions you may have about the material you are studying.

Adding a Note

To place a note in a document, tap the Note icon in the toolbar, highlighted in red in the screenshot below, and then tap the location in the document where you wish to place the note. Enter a title for your note, then type the text of your note. When you are finished, tap Save.

Adding a note CCNA curriculum

 After you save your note, the Note dialog will close and a small highlight containing the note title will remain visible in the document. You can re-open the note by tapping this highlight.

Removing a Note

To remove a note, tape the note’s highlight in the document and click Delete.

Removing a note CCNA curriculum


You can place a bookmark on any page by navigating to the desired page and tapping the bookmark icon in the toolbar, highlighted in red below. Enter text to identify your bookmark and tap Save.
To delete a bookmark, tap the bookmark icon again and tap Delete.

Bookmarks CCNA curriculum

Grid View

The grid view produces a scrollable list of thumbnails that represent each page in the document. To access the grid view, tap the Grid View icon, shown highlighted in red below.

Grid View CCNA curriculum

Viewing Bookmarks and Notes

Once in grid view, you can tap the green bookmark icon to show only pages with notes. You can tap the blue bookmark icon to show only the bookmarked documents.

Show bookmarks CCNA curriculum

Show bookmarks CCNA curriculum
Once you have used the grid view to identify a page of interest, tap the thumbnail to open the document to that page.